Friday, Nov 7 2014 

It is so hard to breathe because of the sudden and drastic changes.


Monday, Oct 6 2014 


Saturday, Oct 4 2014 

And of course.. The roller coaster ride begins again.. Though this time it is caused by myself.. But it just sucks to be here and not be able to do anything to physically make a difference.. And yet I know in giving support, I need to give space.. And also face.. Biggest thing nw is why I am refusing to let go because logically, I shld go so that if the situation does arise that she goes down, I am up and running for us.

Friday, Oct 3 2014 

I am just absolutely grateful:)

Friday, Sep 26 2014 

Everything is so good and then this must happen.
Constant roller coaster rides..

I understand your desire to be independent.. I too have been there.. But the more I wanted to be independent, the more I felt I was seeking for support.

Maybe we just think differently..

I guess all I can do is wait here patiently to be a support when you need one.

Wednesday, Sep 24 2014 

It is going to be a longer journey than I thought and even more lessons to learn along the way:)

Tuesday, Sep 23 2014 

I do not like this feeling but I know I got myself here and this is the right thing to feel.

Thursday, Sep 18 2014 

So we finally had THE talk. Like finally. I mean not that I was exactly looking forward to THE talk which was why I was being the way I had been..

But it was really awesome to know how we felt instead of just threading on stones because there was so much unnecessary fear:)

So I did some thinking..

And I thought back to Korea.. To how tightly I hugged her when I met her. I don’t know whether it was all the talk we had before the trip and during the trip which might have brought up the suspense.. Or how hard we tried to make sure we meet in Haemi.. But that is one hug I will not forget:)

Tuesday, Sep 16 2014 

The fear is real. so freaking real.

Monday, Sep 15 2014 

Honestly I am speechlessly amazed. I don’t even rmb when I mentioned my test to her.. And she totally rmbed it while I forgot MY test.

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